The Invisible Kiez

The Invisible Kiez is a KMZ project to be presented at Art Claims Impulse in WrangelKiez, Berlin, in the summer of 2008.

The project consists of a large archive of photographs of the neighborhood, or Kiez. These photographs are annotated and accompanied with links and short texts.

The objective is to build a three dimensional ‘text object’, a subjective impression but also a narrative with multiple points of entry, in which fact and fiction overlap with history and highly specific (geo-tagged) information, visual, textual and audio.

Amongst the emergent themes in this project are:-

1. The idea of graffiti as ‘a layer of metadata written across the real’ – (with reference to pseudo-occult practices of sigilisation and magical thought within an urban context).

2. Specific historic resonances, The Ghost Wall, The Dry Canal, The Ruined Fountain

3. The Temporary Autonomous Zone

3. The immanent threat of aggressive property and land development (Mediaspree)

4. The relationship between virtual and real space

5. The function of Niemand's Land in the urban context.