The Teufelsberg station

All signals converge at Teufelsberg. The Shadow Watch records and shreds its data beneath the geodeosic radar dome. Cryptographers crouching atop a hill of skulls.The spy station, now long since abandoned by both capital and politics, has nothing to amplify but the wind. An artificial mountain made of 400 000 buildings, sealed in its depths Speer’s military technical college keeps its secrets as closely as an Egyptian tomb.ECHELON , the demon of cold war paranoi, whose spore can still be scented amidst the pines, exerts dominion over the ruins. A cursed place.

In the 60’s the ski lifts were moved at the request of the NSA as they interfered with the signals – the Ferris wheel, temporarily erected for the German-American festival on the H├╝ttenweg was left in situ (it boosted reception). The carnival is over. The sine waves have converged. The station is dead.

Teufelsberg, a late postmortem