Bateau Yvres

The stone hands of a statue frozen as they prize open the mouth of a lion.
Chinese lanterns illuminate Bateau Yvres.

We talk about Spalding Gray’s perfect moment. How he believed that there was always a perfect moment and when the perfect moment arrived it was time to go home.

Two drag queens, a translator and a photographer.
The actress sings a duet from the stage.

I tell him that I to am looking for that moment but that I don’t want to go home and he says that Gray also couldn’t leave, that Gray acted his way out of this conundrum.

Sunset on the Oberbaum Brucke. The ghost wall. The black line.
I think about death. I understand the Daoists. I am ready.

Again disappearance. The old need for the erasure of the self reasserting itself?
No. I’m learning to apply the brake. Learning to love the day as much as the night.

We talk about unhappiness and he says that it not something to be avoided. I say the important thing is the ability to embrace happiness. We eat sushi.

Later, with his come drying on my stomach, I wander home via the canal.