Lausitzer Platz

Lausitzer Platz, the bears that live in the Markisches Museum, Sofia, Mischlinska, der Kiez, the Plus supermarket on Kopernickerstr (which is the best for organic food) the numerological significance of middle English poetry. The numerological significance of middle English poetry!

In Prenzluaerberg, rebirthing – high on the fumes of the floor he was painting, Lucas tells Sara about a traumatic event. Back in X-berg Tom says bring Schrippen for breakfast „Brotchen” ist nicht eine Deutsche wort.

In Sofia an American is having an animated conversation in English with a German women about the film on which they are working, Caro dreams of Hemden Bridge, Constanze continues to tweak the script (elsewhere). Astrid is perhaps asleep safe in Schoeneberg and everywhere alles ist still.

We talk about the city as a melancholy backdrop, always at risk of Romantic cliché, smoke cigarettes and spliffs and watch the street and other people in the bar. I have still yet to verify the existence of this city in the day. But 96hrs without structure has been an interesting holiday.

In my first three days in Berlin – I have just drifted, from one amiable drunken reunion to another and its fine. I think in London I was beginning to experience some structural excess, although to be clear it must be stressed that the location of any such condition differs somewhat from person to person. In my case a night shift that allowed me every other week off, a bag to pack and certain obligations to my Ebay sellers account. Hardly running a multinational, though the decision of the flatmates’ cat to start shitting in the bathtub did require some fairly deft crises management skills.

Anyway back to X-berg, the future, my future. What is my plan for world domination this week? – Hell I’m going to visit those bears, stop by the post office early then fruhstuck and – whatever, some vegetable shopping perhaps, a walk around die neu Kiez. Hope the internet is fixed soon-but I guess the pace of Telekom must be adjusted to as fate.

Wilcommen bei Berlin, low key as always, poor but very definitely sexy.